Publication of pediatric theses defended at the Tunis faculty of medicine: A 15-year study


Fethi Kaddour
Sonia Mazigh
Nebiha Borsali
Ali Mrabet
Iheb Labbène
Aschraf Chadli


Introduction: The valorisation of thesis through its publication is necessary to enhance its visibility. Few data exist concerning the characteristics of theses defended at the Tunis faculty of medicine.

Aim : Examine the publication rate of pediatric theses and identify factors associated with an increased publication rate.

Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional descriptive bibliometric study of pediatric theses defended at the faculty of medicine of Tunis over a 15-year period, from 2006 to 2020. Theses were retrieved from the catalog of the faculty library. Publications had been searched in databases “Pub Med ", and “Google Scholar” until December2021.Results : The study involved 235 pediatric theses. Sixty-eight theses were published, representing 29% of the total. The main topics of published theses were neonatology (16%) and hematology (15%). The language of publication was French and English in 55% and 45% of cases, respectively. All publications in Q1 and Q2 journals were written in English. The only independent factor predicting publication of theses was the very honourable mention with congratulations of the jury and proposal for the thesis prize (p=0,007).

Conclusion : Additional assessments will be necessary to identify the obstacles to the publication of theses.


Pediatrics, thesis, medical faculty, publication, scientific journal



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