Aspetar clinical guidelines: Ramadan fasting and exercise for healthy individuals


Karim Chamar
Fatma Guezguez
Karim Khalladi¹
Hamdi Chtourou
Tajdine Moumen Jamai
Anis Chaouachi
Omar Al Sayraf
Abdul Rashid Aziz
Nicola Luigi Bragazzi
Helmi Ben Saad


Healthy adult Muslims who practice Ramadan fasting (RF) follow strict religious rules regarding their lifestyle. RF influences several parameters, including nutrition, hydration, and sleep habits, and can potentially reduce physical performance. It seems that RF prevents athletes from training and participating in competitions, and prevents the general community from engaging in physical exercise.  This places practicing Muslim athletes at a competitive disadvantage. Therefore, the goal of this guide was to provide practical recommendations, based on expert panel consensus, for healthy athletes and their support staff on how to adopt appropriate behavioral, social, and psychological strategies to cope with the changes and constraints resulting from RF. The recommendations developed in this guide are not limited to prescribing appropriate exercise during the month of Ramadan (ie; schedule, frequency, intensity, duration, type of exercise, and training load), but cover different aspects of lifestyle such as nutrition, hydration, and sleep, and address psychosocial and cognitive aspects related to RF. These recommendations are intended for healthy individuals. Patients with chronic illnesses should refer to their doctor to ensure an eventual safe practice.


Athletes, Chronobiology, Exercise, Hydration, Nutrition, Sleep



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