Hypoxemia… and if it is the liver? Hepatopulmonary syndrome : about a case


Sabrine Majdoub Fehri
Wafa Fekih
Mohamed Khrouf
Hamida Kwas
Hichem Denguir


The hepatopulmonary syndrome is defined as the triad of liver disease, pulmonary gas exchange abnormalities leading to arterial deoxygenation and widespread pulmonary vascular dilatation. It is one of the not infrequently cases of dyspnea within patients with liver disease. We report the case of a 32-year-old woman with cirrohsis and portal hypertention who presented with dyspnea worsning progressively. The blood gas revealed a deep hypoxemia with a PaO2 rate 42mmHg but clinically well tolerated. Pulmonary embolism and pneumonia were rapidly excluded by a CT pulmonary angiography. An echocadiography done in order to find any heart disease suspected a patent foramen ovale. A transthoracic contrast echocardiography showed an important pulmonary vascular dilatation.The association of cirrohsis, pulmonary vascular dilatation and hypoxemia made the diagnos of hepatopulmonary syndrome.


Hepatopulmonary syndrome, Hypoxemia, Cirrohsis, Pulmonary vascular dilatation



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