Epidemio-clinical profile of Takayasu Arteritis at the Center of Tunisia


Najeh Adaily
Anis Mzabi
Jihed Anoun
Donia Ben Hassine
Sara Melki
Neirouz Ghannouchi
Fatma Ben Fredj


Introduction: Takayasu's Arteritis (TA) is a systemic vasculitis affecting the aorta and its main branches.

Aim: To describe the epidemiological, diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic profile of TA in the referral departments of internal medicine in the Sousse region (Tunisia).

Methods: This is a descriptive, retrospective and exhaustive study, carried out in the two departments of Internal Medicine of Sousse. Patients followed for AT, from 1996 to 2020 were included. The disease was defined according to the classification criteria of the American College of Rheumatology. Disease activity was assessed according to NIH criteria. Age referred to the date of diagnosis.

Results: The study population consisted of 40 patients (Sahloul: n=32, Hached: n=8) with a sex ratio=0.17 and a median age=35 years (IIQ=[30-41]). The median diagnostic delay was 5 months (IIQ=[2-14]). The main clinical sign was pulse abolition and/or decrease (78%). Aortic stenosis was the main arterial lesion found (98%). Treatment was based on corticosteroids (95%) and immunosuppressants (42%). The prognosis of TA was often active (62%), with vascular co-morbidity (60%) and iatrogenic complications (35%).

Conclusion: The epidemiological-clinical profile of AT in the region of Sousse (Tunisia) was characterized by a female predominance, a diagnostic delay, a clinical polymorphism, and evolution towards vascular co-morbidities.


Takayasu arteritis, Vasculitis, Epidemiology, Tunisia, North Africa, Africa



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