Evaluation of Quality of Life in Tunisian patients with Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Section Original articles


Sihem Mensi
Abir Ezzine
Teheni Dardouri
Mohamed Ben Rejeb
Maha Ben Fredj
Kaouther Chatti


Introduction: Differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC), despite its good prognosis, affects the quality of life (QOL) of patients by its physical and psychological repercussions and by the toxicity of treatment. A study of the quality of life as well as the potentially associated factors is necessary in order to carry out targeted actions.

Aim: This work was conducted to assess the quality of life of patients treated for thyroid cancer.

Methods: 89 patients treated surgically and by iratherapy for DTC responded from January 2018 to December 2019 to the SF36 questionnaire in its validated version in Tunisian dialect. A descriptive and bivariate analysis between the scores of the different domains and the variables of interest was performed.

Results: The overall mean score (SMG) of the QOL of our patients ranged from 12.8 to 94.25 with a mean of 58±22%. The factors that proved to have a positive impact on the QOL of patients followed for CDT assessed by the SMG and/or the mental summary score (MSS) and/or the physical summary score (PSS) were: male gender (p=0.034), higher educational level (p=0.037), early TNM stage (p=0.041) and low cumulative iodine-131 dose (≤ 5550 MBq) (p=0.031).

Conclusion: QOL is strongly influenced by many sociodemographic and clinical factors. More attention should be paid to patients followed for DTC to improve quality of life.


Quality of life, Differentiated thyroid cancer, SF36



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