Patients’ perception of the quality of care at the Ibn Al Jazzar University Hospital in Kairouan, Tunisia


Dhekra Chebil
Maha Belhadj
Mokhtar Aidi
Hajer Hannachi
Tarek Barhoumi
Latifa Merzougui


Aim : This study aims to evaluate the level of satisfaction of patients hospitalized at Ibn Al Jazzar University Hospital of Kairouan in 2018.

Methods : It`s a descriptive cross-sectional study including all patients hospitalized at Ibn Al Jazzar University Hospital in Kairouan over a period of three months,
from January 1 to March 31, 2018. The survey was conducted using a questionnaire made up of 27 items to explore seven specific dimensions of satisfaction.

Results : A total of 640 patients was included in the study. The overall satisfaction rate was 41.7%. The dimensions of globality and hospital stay were the least
appreciated by hospitalized patients with respective satisfaction rates of 14.4% and 18.3%. Access to care was the most appreciated area with a satisfaction rate
of 58.9%. the lowest satisfaction rates, among the items studied at the Kairouan University Hospital in 2018 were: the places of visits» (9%), the quality of the
catering» (20%), tranquillity” (23%), and “attentiveness of staff to patient needs” (23%).

Conclusion : At Ibn Al Jazzar University hospital of Kairouan, patient satisfaction was low regarding the quality of the services provided, particularly for areas
related to the conditions of stay and the globality of care. Intervention measures based on these shortcomings should be undertaken.