Clinical and computed tomography features of patients suspected of COVID-19 in the university hospital of Oran, Algeria


Abdelmadjid Snouber
Malika Metahri
Salaheddine Chahraoui
Dalila Benatta
Sihem Boukhari
Amine Hadjouj
Djamila Larbi
Mahmoud Rahmani
Mostefa Douichine
Amina Zouaoui
Medjda Djaid
Helmi Ben Saad


Background: The analysis of the clinical and radiological characteristics of COVID-19 patients around the world observed a rich semiology,
different from one country to another, and within the same country.

Aim: To analyze the clinical, computed tomography (CT) features, and the outcome of patients suspected of COVID-19 hospitalized in a
COVID-19 unit of Oran university hospital (Algeria).

Methods: We collected retrospectively the files of patients suspected of COVID-19 admitted in a COVID-19 unit during July 2020. Data were
collected on standardized questionnaire with prior coding of parameters. Patients were admitted according to a triage based on their clinical
situation and the chest CT aspects suggestive of COVID-19. Two physicians reviewed the high-resolution CT (HR-CT) images independently,
and discrepancies were resolved by consensus with the input of two others experimented physicians.

Results: 112 patients (64% males, median age: 68 (18-88) years) were included. The main symptoms were dyspnea (51.7%), cough (34%),
fatigue (14%). Almost the half (49.1%) of patients had hypoxemia. The HR-CT findings were typical of COVID-19 in 96% of patients. Although
61% of patients had favorable prognosis, mortality rate was 30%. Mutlivariate analysis of risk factors for death showed that patients aged > 60
years had a 4-fold risk of death (95% confidence interval: [1.27-12.58], p=0.018).

Conclusion: Dyspnea, cough and fatigue were predominant symptoms, moderate and severe COVID-19 characterized our patients. Age >
60 years was a major risk factor for the deaths of our patients.





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