Imperforate hymen: A 13-case series


Riadh Ben Temime
Ines Najar
Abdellatif Chachia
Leila Attia
Tahar Makhlouf
Abdelhamid Koubaa


Background : Imperforate hymen is a rare congenital malformation. Patients often remain asymptomatic until puberty and present in early adolescence with cyclic abdominal pain. Early diagnosis and treatment must be performed in order to prevent morbidity.
The Aim of thes study was to asses management of this diease
Methods: A retrospective study of 13 cases of imporforate hymen diagnosed in the department of obstetrics and gynecology “A” of Charles Nicolle hospital of Tunis from January 1980 to December 2008. The clinical features and the management are discussed.
Results: The mean age was 14 years. All patients were single and had primary amenorrhea. They presented with pelvic pain in 9 cases and bladder urinary retention in 4 cases. Secondary sexual characters were present and normal in all cases. Inspection of the vulva could establish the diagnosis in all cases. Pelvic ultrasounds showed the hematocolpos in all cases. The latter was associated to a hematometria and a Douglas pouch liquid in 2 cases. Hematocolpos was evacuated by hymeneotomy under oxytocin infusion in all cases. Eight patients were treated by cruciform incisions and five patients were treated by radial incisions of the hymen. The volume of hematocolpos varied from 250 ml to 2000 ml. One patient underwent surgery twice for restenosis of the imperforate hymen.
Conclusion: Imperforate hymen is a rare anomaly. Its diagnosis is simple and could be established at birth by a systematic screening. More frequently, the diagnosis must be suspected in front of a primary amenorrhea associated to abdominal pain in order to prevent complications.


Imperforate hymen, Hematocolpos, Amenorrhea, Hymeneotomy



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