Kaouther Saadallaoui Ben Hamida
Mohamed Hedi Dougui
Iméne Ksontini
Lamia Ben Yaghéléne
Mohamed Habib Bouhaouala


Background: Rheumatologic manifestations occurring during inflammatory bowel disease are the most frequent extra intestinal features. They are dominated by spondyloarthropathies, sacro-iliite and peripheral arthritis. Aim: To identify in a group of inflammatory bowel disease, the frequency of axial manifestations, to describe the clinical and the radiological features and to identify the risk factors of their occurrence and /or worseness
Methods: We have established a transversal prospective study including 50 cases of inflammatory bowel disease seen in the department of the internal medicine in the interior forces security hospital during a period of 5 years between January 2001 and December 2006.
Results : The prevalence of axial involvement in the case of inflammatory bowel disease was 26% especially spondyloarhropathies which were diagnosed in 11 cases according to the criteria of European Spondyloarthropathy study Group (ESSG), 8 of them fulfilled the modified criteria of new york for the diagnosis of spondyloarhropathy. Isolated sacro-iliitis was found in 4% of cases. By univariate study, only the age under 35 years with a relative risk of 5,8 and the colic involvement in chron’s disease was significativelly associated with the presence of spondyloarthropathy.
Conclusion : Systematic checking of spondyloarhtropathies in the course of inflammatory bowel disease through a clinical exam and systematic radiological should be recommended especially if we are in front of a man aged more than 35 years old with a crhon disease involving the colon. This screening offers an early management and avoid ankylosis


Crohn's disease, Ulcerative colitis, spondyloarthropathies, sacroiliitis



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