Nadia Ben Mustapha
Sami Karoui
Meriem Serghini
Lamia Kallel
Amina Mekni
Faouzi Chebbi
Samira Matri
Slim Haouet
Jalel Boubaker
Zoubeir Ben Safta
Azza Filali


Aims : The aims of our study were to determine the frequency of granulomatous hepatitis in patients with peritoneal tuberculosis, to identify factors for high risk and whether it is associated with higher frequency of antituberculous treatment side effects.
Methods: We carried out a prospective study on patients with histologically proven peritoneal tuberculosis between January 1996 and December 2005. We performed a liver biopsy in all the patients before starting the antituberculous treatment. Granulomatous hepatitis was systematically searched in all patients.
Results: The study was conducted in 52 patients, 9 men and 43 women of median age of 35,5 years. A granulomatous hepatitis was seen in 24 patients (46%). In univariate analysis the factors associated with a high risk of liver involvement were a higher level of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (44.5 + 36.8 IU/l vs 23.3 + 9.28 IU/l p = 0.005), a higher level of phosphatases alkalines (233.9 + 96.6 IU/l vs 189.4 + 49.9 IU/l p = 0.03) and a lower level of cholesterol (1.22 + 0.2 g/l vs 1.56 + 0.3 g/l p < 0.0001). In multivariate analysis, only a cholesterol level lower than 1,31 g/l was significantly associated with a granulomatous hepatitis (p = 0.006
OR [IC95%] : 0.10 [0.02 – 0.52]).
Conclusion: We have found a frequent liver involvement in the case of peritoneal tuberculosis (46%). Cholesterol level lower than 1,31gr/l was an independent predictor of granulomatous hepatitis in patients with peritoneal tuberculosis. We suggest, in this case, that percutaneous liver biopsy can be considered as an alternative to laparoscopy.


Granulomatous hepatitis, Peritoneal tuberculosis



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