Rym Ennaifer
Asma Ouakaa-Kchaou
Najet Belhadj
Héla Elloumi
Dalila Gargouri
Asma Kochlef
Afef Kilani
Malika Romani
Jamel Kharrat
Abdeljabbar Ghorbel


Background: Psoas abcess complicating Crohn’s disease is a rare condition. Diagnosis remains difficult, especially when it is the first sign of Crohn’s disease.
Aim: We report here 3 patients presenting with psoas abcess as the initial manifestation of the disease, among 118 patients with Crohn’s disease seen between 1990 and 2006.
Cases report : Symptoms and signs were fever, lower abdominal quadrant pain or tenderness and psoïtis. Diagnosis was confirmed in all cases by computed axial tomography. In 2 cases, psoas abcess secondary to a periappendicular abcess or a colonic neoplasm were suspected, and the etiology was made correctly only after operation. Effective therapy included antibiotics, drainage and bowel resection.


Psoas abcess, Crohn's disease



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