Jamel Ben Achour
Ibtissem Bouasker
Haythem Najah
Hazem Zribi
Riadh Bedoui
Fethi Guesmi
Mohamed Aziz Hani
Ramzi Nouira
Ayoub Zoghlami
Nabil Najah


Background : Verneuil’s disease or hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic suppurative, and cicatricial inflammatory disease, mainly affecting apocrine-bearing area of the skin. Squamous cell carcinoma is an uncommon but a frightening complication of hidradenitis suppurativa.
Aim : To report a new case of squamous cell carcinoma arising in Verneuil’s disease.
Case report : We reported a case of 60 year old man with a 30 years history of hidradenitis suppurativa in which squamous cell carcinoma arise. A wide surgical excision removing the tumour and leaving a large defect was performed. The patient had a well recovery, wounds healed well by primary intention. No recurrence observed at 18 months of follow up.
Conclusion : Squamous cell carcinoma is an uncommon complication of hidradenitis suppurativa. Surgical excision represents also the treatment of choice.


skin, Verneuil's disease, degeneration, squamous cell carcinoma, hidradenitis suppurativa



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