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Background: Public awareness about speech-language pathology (SLP) and audiology professions in Jordan is currently unclear.
Aim: To investigate public awareness of SLP and audiology professions in Jordan.
Methods: A total of 2640 participants took part in this cross-sectional study. A questionnaire was shared and posted on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp). The questionnaire consisted of three parts: demographics, experience with communication and hearing disorders, and SLP and audiology knowledge.
Results: Most participants (69.3%) were residents of major Jordanian cities (Amman, Irbid, and Al-Zarqa). Moreover, about a third of participants (32.8%) were employees in health fields. Most participants (70%) reported that the main area of working for speech pathologists (SLPs) and audiologists is private clinics; about 80% indicated audiologists diagnose the severity of hearing loss, and SLPs improve persons’ speech. Participants working in health fields were more aware than participants working in other areas (P < 0.05)
Conclusion: Findings indicated that the levels of public awareness of different aspects of SLP and audiology professions in Jordan are not high. Thus, there is a need to raise public awareness of speech-language pathology and audiology professions through various available ways.

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