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Introduction: Tumor-like amyloidosis or amyloïdoma is a nodular lesion related to abundant amyloid deposits that can clinically mimic a malignant tumor. Its etiologic diagnosis requires searching an underlying infectious disease, a connective tissue disorder or a lymphoma. Parotid amyloïdoma is exceptional, and only four cases have been reported in the literature from 1988 to 2021 (PubMed research). Case report: We reported the case of a 60-year-old, diabetic and hypertensive woman, presenting an isolated swelling of the right parotid region without facial paralysis or cervical lymphadenopathy. A right superficial parotidectomy with a frozen section examination was performed. Histologically, the swelling was related to abundant amyloid deposits without tumor. On immunohistochemistry, amyloidosis was type AA. The association with the Sjögren’s syndrome was confirmed. Conclusion: The association of parotid amyloïdoma with Sjögren’s syndrome is a rare condition. The histologic diagnosis may be difficult in this case. Therefore, it is necessary in the case of amyloïdoma to confirm the diagnosis and carry out an etiological investigation to search for an underlying pathology.
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