La tunisie Medicale - 2022 ; Vol 100 ( n°04 ) : 295-302
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The main two functions of the lung are the respiratory functions, dependent on ventilatory mechanics and gas exchange, and the nonrespiratory functions such as metabolic, immunological, and endocrine ones. Lung aging is secondary to the age-dependent impairment of one or more of these functions.

Tobacco use accelerates lung aging and touches biological, structural and respiratory and non-respiratory functions. These changes contribute to the development of chronic pulmonary diseases and predispose to pulmonary infections in older individuals.

The knowledge of these changes is very useful for better management of elderly. Lung health in aging can be improved by strategies that slow the age-related decline in lung function by acting on the environmental parameters. It is also possible to improve lung development in children and to strengthen the lungs’ resistance to environmental challenges and thus to extrinsic lung aging.

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