La tunisie Medicale - 2021 ; Vol 99 ( n°02 ) : 201-206
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Background: Medical teaching is usually centred on an objective-based approach and influenced by a flexnerian approach inducing an emphasis on abilities and skills more than the know-how. The know-how is usually under taught and assessed.
Aim: To assess the competencies in announcing bad news of students in medicine in addition to their satisfaction about the methods used which were serious games.
Methods: Students in the third-pregraduate year of medicine who performed their externship in a Department of Pathology of a university Hopsital were included during the year 2018-2019. Seven groups including 4 externs performing a 3-week-period were included. The training started with a pre-test, which consisted in an Objective-Structured-Clinical situation with a simulated patient and a evaluator with a checklist. The students were asked to perform a serious game, then they assisted to a lecture-based learning about the rules of announce of bad news. The serious game was screened then watched by all the students. After a debriefing session, the students were asked to fulfill a post test and a questionnaire-test
Results: Twenty-eight students were included. The mean score accounted for 6,76 +/- 2,78 over 20 for the pre-test and 13,17 +/- 1,99 over 20 for the post-test. A significant difference was observed between the pre and post test (p<0.0001). All the students expressed their satisfaction. 27 students wished to repeat the experience. All the students put emphasis on the importance of the peer and auto-evaluation phase using videos. 14 students suggested to integrate this teaching method to the curriculum of the Faculty before their internship.
Conclusion: Inspite of some limits, this study highlighted the improvement of the students’ relational competences in addition to their satisfaction related to the use of role play in the acquisition of relational competences related to particular situation such as the announce of bad news.

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